Bitter Sweet Beaver!!!


Just a bittersweet day on the Birds of Prey. Hangin’ at the bottom, waiting, watching Sandro Villetta come down to take the cake was bitter sweet. With an 8th last year in the Super G I’m slowly getting there. Consistency and building consistency is key for my skiing right now, it’s rocking and I feel like I’m on the right path.

The game plan worked. Started third, took advantage of the early start, came down with the early lead. Yesterday was a bit frustrating, not what I wanted, coming off Lake Louise with the results not going the way I wanted really got me to where I was today.

Story of the day? Super emotional, doing what I had to do, possibly my first world cup podium on the line. Hats off to Sandro, giving me the boot to 4th place, all-in-all a good day. The boys that won today did so with incredible ability. What they did today was an amazing feat on skis AND super exciting. Im very happy to be in the runnings.

Stoked for the GS tomorrow and the Val d’Isere make up GS on Tuesday. Solden wasn’t awesome but I like where my GS is at right now. The plan is a solid first run that can put me in the flip for the 2nd run and build on that.  Really looking forward to the next couple of races.


Robbie Checks-In from Beaver Creek

Made some changes to the site… Look forward to updating and keeping you posted on the upcoming season! I wanna thank my web designer Dustin Titus for getting my s*%t together and making this happen.

Checking in from Beaver Creek after a cancelled training run due to dangerous course conditions. In terms of the actual snow conditions and weather, you couldn’t ask for better racing in Beaver Creek. The top 15 boys voiced their concern on a couple spots on the track imposing some dangerous terrain. Bode was sorta the ring leader on the whole thing. Its tough to pass up a perfect day like today to run, but when theres some issues that can end up with guys going down based on poor planning by the race officials, it was a smart move.

Lake Louise was interesting. All in all it was really nice to be back racing.  The feeling of being back sending it in DH was the best part!!! 11 months outta the game was long and boring…  The whole family was out and everybody had a great time. Downhill was alright, got acouple of points, not exactly the start I was hoping for but great to be back at it. Super G was tough conditions, head wind and soft snow running from the start made for a difficult day, bit frustrating.

Little change of plans this year in Beaver Creek,  the downhill race is on Friday, Super G Saturday and GS Sunday. The plan is to run them all.